Dear Texas- I Give Up

Can you believe it’s a toll road, too?! (not my picture)

Oh, fuck it. I’m stuck in Texas. Stuck, stuck, stuck in Texas. Stuck in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, to be exact. I’ve tried to get a train out of here and I think I’m about to give up- Texas, you win. Currently trolling craigslist for a ride somewhere, anywhere- to another town where I can catch a train or all the way back to Portland, even though I’m too broke to pay for all that gas. Rides, amtrack tickets, and donations to the Carrot Quinn “Get Me Out Of Texas” fund graciously accepted. (If nothing else, donate because you love my blog and want to get me home, because the library computers here in Texas are too slow for me to update it.)

10 thoughts on “Dear Texas- I Give Up

  1. All Texas rest areas provide free wifi … lots of coffee shops … most malls by just sitting outside!

    Texas is wonderful! I lived in Dalls for 20 years … so sorry you’re having a bad time. I can get a list of free wifi sites. have you been to Austin? it’s wonderful! you said you were going south anyway… hitch a ride there.

  2. oh K-Rot, i hope you make it out of Texas soon. Gosh, it sounds chilly….
    we’re thinking of you, here in cold portland. When you get back i’ll make a you a gluten-free, agave sweetened, carob-covered batch of no-bakes.


  3. i have been reading your blog for a while now, first ever blog i have ever been addicted to!
    anyway, i live in austin, tx. if you can get there, you can totally crash at my crib and eat!in return you can regail me with tails of your adventures! i’d offer to scoop ya up, but i hitched a ride w/ a pal to colombus, tx for t-day w/ the fam. i’ll be riding back tomorrow. lol, don’t have the $$ to get to dallas either. goodluck babe!!!

  4. this is not the best time to tell you that i have no money…but that i really enjoy your writing. for reals!
    i know you can get out of texas…but don’t let texas get into you! i’m sure you’ve been stuck in worse places, so just make sure you get some good stories out of this current trap.
    alex in winona

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