The well of adventure springs eternal!

In five short days I leave the North Carolina piedmont which has warmed me, fed me and cuddled with me these last three weeks, to begin the long journey back to the west coast, via my old friend Freight Train- the only way to fly. I plan on traveling via Texas, NM and AZ, my favorite states to write about/admire from the train. Arid landscapes! So strange! Texas cops! So strange! A bench warrant in Arizona! I haz one! Maybe I’ll go to jail? Stressful for me, fun for you (to read about)!

I have a question for you, faithful reader- why so few comments, as of late? Is it because I’ve been stationary, and my writing has turned from adventure travel to the much more pedestrian subjects of reckless advice, sock monkeys and squirrel skinning? Do tell. I wouldn’t want to think that I’ve alienated you all. And if your problem is not that you haven’t been reading my blog but that you cannot, in fact, tear yourself away from it- then maybe you need this baseball bat, to solve your problem once and for all.

10 thoughts on “The well of adventure springs eternal!

  1. Carrot,
    I don’t want think of your travels because I am overwhelmed with resentment. You are going to New Mexico! And will probably end up in California! But I wont be here, probably. I’m going back to Australia for a month…because I broke and needed a concrete plan to leave the house. I should have hounded you down and made you teach me train riding, but I hope we can do that in the future.
    Good luck, don’t get caught, and write beautiful, inspiring tales about it all!!!!!

  2. All of your writing is such a treat to read, not just your travel adventures.

    Take good care of yourself and have a safe trip. I will think warm thoughts for you.

  3. It’s not you, it’s me. I also considered that maybe I comment too much. But since it seems to be specifically solicited in this case, here you go. Your writing keeps being good.

  4. i read, but mostly forget to comment–I hope that your travels go well, I couldnt find an email to contact you by on your blog, but I have a favor to ask of you while youre in new mexico–its quite simple and if youre interested please email me (remove the “+” signs)


  5. Hey, just wanted to say hey, since you’re always commenting on my blog, and let you know I do appreciate it and I’m not totally ignoring you! Look me up next time you’re in Portland. What does that mean anyway, “look me up” does that refer to phonebooks? Remember when you could actually look up a person’s phone number in a phonebook!

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad to know you’re still reading.

    Penny- yeah, I remember phone books. I think they still make them, actually- sometimes I pull them from peoples’ mailboxes when I get off the train and I’m lost- they have maps in them. The other day I was hanging out with a friend and we realized that neither one of us could remember what a dial tone sounded like. Remember dial tones? When I’m in portland I’ll totally “look you up”.

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