anatomy of a resupply box


Clockwise from jerky: flattened dried bananas, tea/emergen-c/electrolytes, fish oil, multivitamin, rice krispie treat, cocaine (jk it’s magnesium powder), chocolate protein powder, gf oreos, chia seeds, banana chips, prunes, bars, nutz, dried peas, dried spinach, raisins, granola #1, granola #2, dried split pea soup (alternates with dried refried beans and dried curried lentil soup), more bars, almonds in the middle. To purchase in town: chips, chips, chips, and whatever else seems edible and gluten/dairy/soy free

8 thoughts on “anatomy of a resupply box

  1. Aghhhh.. I have no idea yet what I will be putting in my resupply boxes. It constantly weighs on my mind. Unfortunately, many of your selections wouldn’t work for me, though they look interesting. Mountain House, here I come… :)

  2. Louis- I can’t eat trader joe’s dried mango since I threw it up on the PCT last year, unfortunately
    Doug- This is for a hundred miles and will be supplemented with lots o’ chips from the store

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