Readers! I made something for you!

It is a page with all of my PCT posts up to today, in order, so that you can read them starting from the very beginning, if you’d like. Tell all your friends! It’s here, or you can access it by clicking “PCT 2013″ in the menu on the top of the page.

In other news, my little cabin in Southern Oregon continues to be wonderful. Update coming soon, after I bang out these last few posts. Gah! I can’t believe the trail is almost over, again!!

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5 thoughts on “Readers! I made something for you!

  1. …Counting down…
    It usually makes me happy with anticipation…
    Counting down the days til vacation…
    Counting down the days til my kid comes home from college…
    Counting down the days til I’m back in my lover’s strong embrace…
    Carrot, please.
    This is too painful.
    I don’t like this list.
    THE END?

  2. Thank you! Are you still making a book for those who contributed to you via kickstarter? I hope this coming New Year is very good to you dear Carrot! Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  3. Thank you! I hope that you have much firewood, lots of pencils & paper, enough candles, and even more than enough food. It’s going to be a long cold winter.

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