Day 147: Salvation, thy name is Ten Speed

September 14
Mileage 12
Mile 2464 to mile 2476

pacific crest trail 3952 pacific crest trail 3973 pacific crest trail 3978

Egg as the Virgin Mary.

Egg as the Virgin Mary.

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8 thoughts on “Day 147: Salvation, thy name is Ten Speed

  1. “Thru-hiking feels like life, it feels like being alive. It feels more real than anything.”
    You’re a good writer so I know you know how good this line was. Awesome!
    Thanks for telling us a story we can dream about.

  2. Here’s hoping that your tonsils remain yuck-free for all time. Here’s a link for the story of another hiker who had their thru-hike interrupted by tonsillitis this year (on the AT). I am so very glad that i had my tonsils out when i was little, and wish that i could afford elective surgery to have an appendectomy.

  3. You! you! you! you got me hooked on those Lays “Salt and Vinegar” potato chips! I can’t stop eating them! aaargh! (gnashing of teeth) They are indescribably good! (and I hate you!) LOL

  4. “I’ll give you a ride to urgent care,” he says, “I just have to find someone to eat these hotdogs first. I was hoping some more hikers would show up.”

    “I will eat all of those hotdogs,” I say. And I do.

    Fabulous! Amazing – not the quote – but I love that too! What an amazing thing this all is! I’m smiling at your triumph! Cheering you on even though you are done. I can’t imagine doing it alone – my son and I are gearing up for PCT 2015! He’d never leave me and of course I’m with him always!

    Rose –

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