Day 125: What do I need right now

August 23
Mileage 26.5
Mile 2047 to mile 2073.5

pacific crest trail 3316

Me and Scott, you know

Just me and Scott, you know

pacific crest trail 3324



6 thoughts on “Day 125: What do I need right now

  1. Hey Carrot. I’m so glad that you had the trees to comfort you. Sometimes when I walk up to one of those big Doug firs and place my hands against its bark, I swear I can feel its entires being, right out to the tips of its branches as I look up.

  2. Hi Carrot, I just re-read this post, alerted by Dale’s comment. It is so sweet! Makes me remember how much I miss your posts. You must be working away at your book or just plain enjoying life. Hope all is well on your trail.

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