Bob and Linda, the magical trail angels of magic

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5 thoughts on “Day 6: ADZPCTKO

  1. How many great people have you met already in just the first few days? And now to carry on with Angela, Thyra and Ben, that’s great. I have to say that in my opinion, Portland People rock!

  2. I’m so bummed that I don’t get to meet you at KO. I’m one of your kickstarters who also happens to be hiking the PCT this year. I’ll be back on the trail at Mt. Laguna on Sunday. So maybe we’ll run into each other eventually. I’ll recognize your yellow shorts. My only distinguishing characteristic is my goofy shape-shifter ‘straw’ hat–can be formed into John Denver style, cowboy style, Aussie style, but remains goofy all the time. Stop by site 73 if you haven’t gone to sleep yet (or early morn!). –Melissa

  3. I found your Blog through Kickstarters and really enjoy reading your posts. I haven’t heard of the PCT before, but it sounds great!! Greetings from Germany

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