Just 36 hours to go an $600 more to raise! GAHHHHHH! I can’t stand the excitement and neither can Potato!


WE’RE SO CLOSE! Will you be the special magic backer that pledges while I’m sleeping? Someone on the other side of the world? It looks like I have some fans in the UK now- will you be the special magic UK reader who tweets to their 57k twitter followers and helps me make up thisĀ mere $600 that I still have to raise?

Also my friend Hannah has done this really nice thing-


She says she’ll double her pledge if three other people do! Will you be the special backer who sets off a cascade of double-pledges, leading to the ultimate success of my campaign?

UPDATE: Richard just doubled his pledge! Will you be one of the other two people to double yours? Thank you Richard!!

THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged since my last post- Jim, Mary, Louis, Sharen, Keith, William, Emilie, and Shawn!

I just spent many hours editing followed by an hour researching windshirts and now my brain is fried. I don’t really know what a windshirt is but apparently when I am in the desert it is going to be super windy and I am going to want one like, a lot. I’M SO EXCITED for this epic journey I cannot even HANDLE IT. You know what’s going to be awesome? When I have all my gear and I can tell you how much everything weighs and I’m going to make a video showing you everything that’s in my pack! How nerdy is that?

Here’s the link to the campaign-


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3 thoughts on “OMG SO CLOSE

  1. I’m so glad you got the $$ I was getting nervous can’t imagine how you were feeling. I can’t wait to get my postcard. For some reason that really appealed to me. So excited for you.

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